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ONECLICK is a special software and hardware complex that allows providing a wide range of clients with services for accepting and crediting payments to various trading and service companies in Kazakhstan.
Simplicity and reliability of our solutions will help anyone who wants to quickly and inexpensively open a point of payment acceptance and sales of express payment cards.
It is convenient and simple for entrepreneurs who use ONE CLICK services and for their customers.
ONE CLICK allows you to:
a. carry out the implementation of any express payment cards (synonyms: scratch card, voucher, pin code) of various operators, accept payments for services:
• cellular communication;
• international and long-distance communication;
• Internet payment systems (for example, WebMoney);
• reference systems;
• software licensing;
• subscriptions to periodicals;
• fixed telephony;
• cable and satellite TV;
• Utilities;
How it works?
The entrepreneur establishes the ONE CLICK payment terminal in his outlet on the basis of one of the solutions presented, making out its advertising materials supplied by our company, which bear useful information about the possibility of paying for any of the above services.
Depending on the type of terminal, the customer can purchase the service:
• by the ONE CLICK dealer, through the user interface of his mobile terminal or personal computer;
• independently by the customer, through the user interface of the self-service terminal;
As a result, the client receives a printed receipt confirming receipt of payment, or a check with the secret activation code of the express payment card or other necessary information, as well as instructions for using the purchased service.
Important information!
Replenishment of personal accounts of any cellular operators takes place within a few seconds.